Pet Cell Worx Discounted Rate - 4 Bottle Value Pack HOLIDAY DEAL

Pet Cell Worx Discounted Rate - 4 Bottle Value Pack HOLIDAY DEAL

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Pet Cell Worx Intraoral Spray is 100% guaranteed to enable your dog to be healthier, happier and active for longer, no matter what its age and current state of health. 

Just like humans, a dog’s stem cells naturally decline with age. Stem cell decline opens up the pathway for disease to set in as a dog’s immune system weakens causing them to lose muscle mass and their bones become brittle. This leads to mobility issues, muscle loss, arthritis, skin and allergy conditions. 

For a dog, its mucous membranes are mostly located in its cheeks and gums. By spraying your dog’s liquid supplement in its mouth and on its tongue and gums, this enables the absorption rate of nutrients to be 95% compared to just 10% to 20% that pill and chew supplements provide. The spray absorption method is often referred to as intraoral, buccal or in some context sublingual. The nutrients are then immediately absorbed into the bloodstream where they get to work. 

This spray application method bypasses the many barriers associated with pill and chew digestion. With pills and chews the nutrients must go through the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) that weakens with age where they are then subjected to stomach acids and the first-pass effect of the liver resulting in a low absorption rate of nutrients altogether.

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